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To create a standalone executable from your implementation of

  val balanced : int list -> int list list

do the following:

(1) Copy this directory to somewhere where you have write permission.

(2) Copy your program to "" in this directory.

(3) Type

      ocamlc -o balanced balanced.mli

    to the shell.  This will create an executable called "balanced".

(4) Run balanced as follows:



      (with no arguments) reads the list of integers from the standard
      input, until end-of-file is signalled (type CTRL-d on Linux/Mac
      OS C, or CTRL-z under Windows).

      To read the list of integers from file FILE, type

        balanced -file FILE

      In either case, each integer should be on its own line, with
      no other whitespace.  And you can type "balanced" instead of
      "./balanced" if the current directory (".") is on your shell's
      search path.