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         Crytpo: a Cryptogram Encoder/Decoder, Intended as a
                        Functional MVC Example

Crypto is an SML/NJ program for encoding and decoding
simple cryptograms.  In the main versions of the program, the decoding
process is structured as a game.  It runs under Linux/Unix/Mac OS X.

The program is intended as an example of how command-oriented programs
may be structured in a functional model-view-controller style.  It has
a controller functor that is parameterized by a model (an
encoding/decoding structure) and view (abstract user).  There are
three view structures provided:

  a terminal view,

  an X window system graphical view, and

  an automatic (batch-oriented) one.

The subdirectory ...


    contains the source for crypto


    contains documentation about crypto

Alley Stoughton