eXene — a Multi-threaded, Higher-order User-interface Toolkit for the X Window System


Up through the mid-1990s, Emden Gansner and John Reppy designed and implemented eXene — a multi-threaded, higher-order user-interface toolkit for the X window system. EXene is implemented in Concurrent ML (CML), which is a Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) library, and is provided as part of the SML/NJ distribution. EXene has many appealing attributes and is certainly usable in its current state. But it suffers from some deficiencies which have limited its use, and there are a number of ways in which it could usefully be improved.

Publications on eXene

EXene manuals (somewhat out-of-date)

Other X resources

Subsequent Work on eXene

In the 2000s, I led a group at Kansas State University that continued the development of eXene. Group members included:

Here are our writings on eXene:

Development Version of eXene

The development version of eXene is hosted on the University of Chicago's FusionForge site.

Alley Stoughton (alley.stoughton@icloud.com)