Chalmers University of Technology — Short Course on Concurrent ML

Instructor Alley Stoughton (visting Chalmers from Kansas State University)
Office 5124A
Phone 5402
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Duration June 1-4 (Week 23) and 7-11 (Week 24) 2004
Lectures 10:15-12:00 Room 3407
Exercise Sessions 15:15-16:45 Room 3407


This will be a two-week intensive graduate course on Concurrent ML, which is a Standard ML library for concurrent programming. The course will emphasize the ways in which Standard ML's module system and Concurrent ML's first-class synchronous operations can be combined to define new communication and synchronization abstractions. CML may be used, e.g., to implement distributed systems and graphical user-interfaces.

Students will be expected to have a strong background in typed functional programming. Prior knowledge of Standard ML will be helpful, but won't be required.

As references, we'll be using John Reppy's book Concurrent Programming in ML, Cambridge University Press, 1999, and Robert Harper's draft book Programming in Standard ML. More resources on Standard ML and Concurrent ML, including instructions for installing the Standard ML of New Jersey compiler (SML/NJ), which we'll be using throughout the course, can be found at the link below.

We'll have daily lectures in the mornings. Students will have the afternoons to work on assigned exercises. And we'll meet again late in the afternoons to discussion solutions to the exercises.

Standard ML Resources

Lectures, Exercises and Exercise Sessions

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